TouTarot – the Firebird

WowFactorYes, well. It took this human a long time to get the hint. In fact, I had to practically sit on her head before she finally got it! As it happens, I spent her life time playing hide-and-seek. She heard all the stories Granny used to read to her and then dreamed and dreamed about me. But as my consort, Puff, discovered, little humans try to grow into what their adults teach them and so they close off the wonder of life for the allure of the virtual world. That was hard to take.

As her world became busier and busier, she didn’t quite forget this realm (I made sure of that). She had her own children and was again immersed in our world for a while. Nudging her along, she became a semi-resident here. I hope you understand that luck is not quite so whimsical as THEY suggest. She became first a teacher and then a LIBRARIAN. Oh, Puff was ecstatic! He could push his agenda (and mine as well, all things considered). And so, she became: Keeper of Imagination and Purveyor of Stories. I must admit, he did a great job. True, I was there, too: in the stories; in the pictures that would show up randomly on the screen; in helping her healing during a major health crisis and in the theme of a graduating class that gifted me to her library. And there I was visible but not seen for about 10 years! Boy did I ever have to practice my Zen. I even practiced that tarot card of Odin hanging upside down from the tree….

But all of this was worth it. I am now released and can spread my hard earned wisdom with clarity to all who wish a different perspective and a new vision of life. Time to push back the limits we are lead to believe is our fate. Let us grow our wings and fly to beyond the sky, to the Seventh Realm beyond the Seventh Sun; to where dreams are a reality; where honey flows freely and where we are all blessed and peaceful. Are you coming?