StoryTelling…. to speak of many things and to claim our place in the world! The birds are born and ready to fly and the human has finally figured it all out! Until the next time her Inner Hermit claims custody, that is. Social? She is not. But then we, zhar-ptisi, also tend to be reclusive. So I guess we are well suited to coexist in harmony…. Maybe?

While she was working it out, I have been busy! You see, our kind are not males and we do not regenerate by burning ourselves up! How absolutely insane! We are civilized and if you noticed, I use the plural.  For there are many of us in different parts of our world between the West and the East. And if you want to know more, she is onto that. So stay tuned. This is TouTarot signing off…..

TouTarot - Firebird head